32oz Sealed Paint Can Front Label Mockup

32oz Sealed Paint Can Front Label PSD Mockup

CAN032 is an above shot looking down on a steel paint can mockup at 45°. This Cover Action represents the 3rd set in the paint can series which also includes the 1 gallon (3,78L) and the 32oz (946mL) steel cans. This PSD Mockup applies your 2D sketch or finalized artwork onto the 236mL (8oz US Half Pint) paint can’s product lable for showcasing or including your designs in a marketing presentation. The paint can is rendered with the lid closed (not removable, does not display paint product inside) and presented on a pure white background with a minimal amount of shading at the base of the can. All highlights, shadows and the background itself can be modified by the designer after the rendering is complete.

File Type: PSD
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To use these mockup template you need Adobe Photoshop!

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