Hardbound Book On Flat Surface Mockup

Hardbound Book On Flat Surface PSD Mockup

HARDBOUND006 is a child’s hardcover book rendered at 30° on a flat surface. This PSD mockup renders your artwork or conceptual designs onto a product shot of a closed children’s book on a flat surface with the spine still in partial view. The white background can be disabled to reveal the transparency around the mockup or it can be swapped out for your own background design. The highlights and shadows are also editable in order to lighten or darken them to suit your particular needs. Children’s hardcover books are generally simpler in design and as such the design applied to the cover will be repeated on the back cover as well — therefore to avoid any unnecessary repetition it is recommended that your design around the edges of your artwork be generic. Any text or complex patterns will be visibly repeated an can look out of place.

File Type: PSD
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