Offset business Card Arrangement Mockup

Offset business Card Arrangement PSD Mockup

BUSINESSCARD009 is a set of 4 business cards measuring 88mm x 51mm (3.5 inches x 2 inches) each — business card dimensions around North America and Europe vary by just a few millimetres making the collection of cards on this site fairly compatible globally. The PSD Mockup template renders 4 cards forming a slight arc from left to right, the viewing angle is straight forward and looking down from a 45° angle. Once rendering is complete each card can be ordered independantly (be mindful to order the shadow layers as well). The background can be made entirely transparent simply by toggling the visibility of the background layer itself. Designers can choose to render 4 independant business card cover designs, the front and back of 2 sets or repeat the same set twice.

File Type: PSD
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To use these mockup template you need Adobe Photoshop!

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