Standing Graphic Novel Book Mockup

Standing Graphic Novel Book PSD Mockup

GRAPHICNOVEL002 is a generic graphic novel with an adhesive-bound spine (no staples). This PSD Mockup for a graphic novel represents wroughly 300 pages — about the thickness of the WATCHMEN graphic novel if you happen to have one. These adhesive-bound graphic novels tend to share a similar set of dimensions where the height and width can differ by very small increments, usually just 5mm (3/8) in either direction. The thickness of the comic book novel can vary from just a few dozen pages to over 300 as this product mockup does. If your graphic novel design only needs athin spine then have a look at the COMICBOOK series of Actions, those will render standard comic books as well as thin graphic novels. Although the thickness of ~300 pages, this Action has been used to represent books from 100 to 450 pages simply by adjusting the design to fit the mockup (unless you are rendering manufacturing specs no one will notice if you make the design fit the template ;).

File Type: PSD
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To use these mockup template you need Adobe Photoshop!

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